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Trial Report – 1/19/2018

Overall our Trail System held up during the warm-up last weekend. We received a lot of Rain and 60+ temps with a change over to snow on Saturday.
Due to the rain and warm temps we had closed all in town trails for a few days, but at this time everything is opened again.

The current Weather report is showing a small warm-up this weekend, showing 35-40 day time temps, but it is not showing any rain.

Our groomers have been out all week, and I'm happy to report that we had no breakdowns again this week.
Our operators are happy to report that the trail system overall is in good to great shape.

Lower Elevation trails (In Town) have low snow and you should expect to find some ice. The Railbed is the thinnest snow coverage but it is still rideable.

Higher Elevation trails are in Great Shape.

Please use caution while riding as there maybe a few areas of ICE.

Expect to see our groomers anytime day or night.

Ride carefully! Stay on trails, Stay right. Have a good time!