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Please remember that trail conditions can change within hours depending on weather, snowmobile use, and other obstacles that are out of our control.
Stay on the Trail OR Stay Home!
Ride at your own risk and use caution.
Check back often for the latest Trail Conditions.

April 15, 2017
Trail Report

All trails are Closed for the Season!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Our 2017-2018 Season starts in (if Weather Permits):


I would like to thank all of the landowners, members, supporting businesses, club officers, volunteers, and groomer operators without all of your hard work we would not have had a great season.

Please watch our website and our Facebook page for club announcements in the off season, we will have a lot of trail work to complete and will be looking for help so we can make 2017-2018 as good if not better then this year.

We have SNOW!!! This last storm left us with anywhere from 12-24 inches.
It is a little hard to get a good measurement as it was all powder and the wind has drifted some of the snow.
At this time ALL trails are Open and reports are saying they are good to great.
Everything will be 100% groomed this week provided we have no major breakdowns.
Please watch for groomers Day and Night as we get the trails in shape for the weekend.
All 3 groomers will be out to get everything ready for the weekend.
The 10 day forecast looks great. We will keep grooming as long as we have snow and colder temps.
Please stay right, stay on the trail, and watch for hazards hidden in the new snow.

Good News, Due to new snow we have received since the last report and the return of Very Cold air we are able to Reopen All trails.
All Lower Elevation Trails are not being groomed, this is mostly in the area of Downtown Colebrook and West Stewartstown. We are asking that People avoid the lower elevation trails, If you find an area that is not snow covered please stay off that trail.
Higher Elevation trails are being groomed, this includes all trails to the North and West of Notch View Campground, this also includes Bungy, Kelsey Notch, Dixville Peaks, and Baldhead Mountain. The reports we are receiving is that the Higher Elevations are still in great shape.
Other areas will have very limited grooming including Clarksville and Stewartstown Hollow.

Please slow down, there is areas of Ice and you will find other hazards like rocks and water bars.
Hopefully we receive the 8-12 inches of snow that is forecasted for next week, if we do next weekend should be great riding.

Sorry about the delay on updates on our website for current Conditions.
As everyone knows mother nature has not been very nice to us in the last few weeks. We have had 50+ Deg days and Rain.
Due to the weather we have lost a lot of snow coverage.
For the bad News, All in town trails are closed at this time due to no snow coverage, This includes the Rail Bed (3A), Trail 18 from Notch View Campground to town, Trail 7A, Shrine Trail, and 125.
The Good news is that all Higher Elevation Trails are still open with fair to good riding. We are still grooming and will keep grooming where the snow conditions allow.

While the gates are still all open Please do not ride any area that has very low or no snow.

Lets all do our snow dances so we can get a few more weeks of riding.

With over 20" of new snow this week, and a regular grooming schedule, Trails should be in very good condition. This will be a week of heavy traffic so please stay right, stay on trail and ride safely.
If your around on Saturday, the Ski-Bees are having a poker run, starting between and ending at the Swift Diamond Rider warming hut. There is also a steak-feed with the SDR at there warming hut from 11-4 hope to see you there!