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Please remember that trail conditions can change within hours depending on weather, snowmobile use, and other obstacles that are out of our control.
Stay on the Trail OR Stay Home!
Ride at your own risk and use caution.
Check back often for the latest Trail Conditions.

What a crazy weather year we have had. This last storm has dropped anywhere from 4 inches up to 12+ in higher elevations.
Current Weather Forecast is showing some snow everyday for the next week. We will be grooming everyday as long as the weather allows.

At this time all 3 groomers are out on the trails trying to get everything groomed and ready for the weekend.

Our operators are reporting Good to Great riding in the Higher Elevations, and Fair to Good Riding in the lower Elevations.
Expect to find some ice and open water bars. Some areas will be late season riding (lower Elevations towards town).
All trails are snow covered and everything is open.

Enjoy our trails, stay right, and have fun.

What a crazy week with the weather, we got hit hard with Rain and Warm Temps.

As of today we have 2 Groomers going out to see what they can do with higher elevation trails. Not sure if they will be able to do anything or not.

The Plan is for 1 groomer to try Trails 7, 5, 110, and 134.
The other Groomer is going to try going from Diamond Peaks Store to trail 5, 18 to 120, 120 to 21, and 21.

All other areas are not being groomed at this point.
All in town/lower elevations are all ice with no snow, we are asking that everyone please stay off the lower elevation trails and would not recommend anyone try riding in to town (Shrine Trail, 18, Rail Bed). Please use Common Sense while riding, if you get to an area with large water bars or no snow please do not ride. While we have not closed any gates or trails yet we will if needed. I will try to post an update once we get information from our groomer operators.

Expect to find a lot of Hard Packed/Icy conditions on all trails.
Think Snow!!

Have you looked at the weather this week? If you have not looked you may not want to!

As of today the trails are in Good to Great condition. Groomers have been out in full force. Lower elevations (In Town) is thin with some Ice. Higher elevations are good to great with some ice in a few corners.

With the weather report for the rest of the week the condition will change. Today is calling for High of 42 low of 35 with rain, with Tuesday a Little higher temps with rain, and Wednesday looks like High Temp of around 60 deg with a low of 19 with Rain.

Due to the Warm Temps most likely no grooming until at least Thursday (We will try if the temps allow, but does not look good) and that all depends on the amount of Rain and High Temps we receive this week. Please watch our Facebook page and Website for trail updates. Some of our trails may not stay opened due to low snow.

Due to the weather we are asking for people to please stay off the trails as much as possible. If you do come up to an area with no snow and/or a larger water-bar please do not travel that part of the trail system.

Sorry for the bad news, unfortunately we cannot control the weather.

Are you ready for a very busy weekend? I know our trails are ready.
Receptacle Weekend is this weekend and that normally means very high traffic on all of the area trails.
Do not forget that we have our Wild Game Dinner at the Colebrook Country Club on Saturday starting at 6PM.
We are still looking for a few Volunteer to help with the Wild Game Dinner.

Groomers have been out everyday getting the trails in the best shape possible.
Reports from Riders and our groomer operators are saying the Trails are flat and fast.
The last storm really did not cause us to loose any snow and looks like it may have helped firm up the base more then its been all year.
We Received a Mix of Snow, Rain, Freezing Rain from the last storm.
Our Trails are Very Good to Great on 90% of the system, the rest is fair to good.
Lowest Snow levels are in town where you should expect to find thin coverage and ice, but is still rideable.
The railbed is the lowest coverage.
Higher elevations are in great shape.

We did have one Groomer down today, but our team was able to repair this machine and all 3 groomers are out again tonight.
As long as the weather allows we will be grooming every night. A big thank you goes out to our Groomer operators for making the best of what the weather has given us.

Ride carefully! Stay on trails, Stay right. Have a good time!

Overall our Trail System held up during the warm-up last weekend. We received a lot of Rain and 60+ temps with a change over to snow on Saturday.
Due to the rain and warm temps we had closed all in town trails for a few days, but at this time everything is opened again.

The current Weather report is showing a small warm-up this weekend, showing 35-40 day time temps, but it is not showing any rain.

Our groomers have been out all week, and I'm happy to report that we had no breakdowns again this week.
Our operators are happy to report that the trail system overall is in good to great shape.

Lower Elevation trails (In Town) have low snow and you should expect to find some ice. The Railbed is the thinnest snow coverage but it is still rideable.

Higher Elevation trails are in Great Shape.

Please use caution while riding as there maybe a few areas of ICE.

Expect to see our groomers anytime day or night.

Ride carefully! Stay on trails, Stay right. Have a good time!