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Trail Report – March 11th 2017

Good News, Due to new snow we have received since the last report and the return of Very Cold air we are able to Reopen All trails.
All Lower Elevation Trails are not being groomed, this is mostly in the area of Downtown Colebrook and West Stewartstown. We are asking that People avoid the lower elevation trails, If you find an area that is not snow covered please stay off that trail.
Higher Elevation trails are being groomed, this includes all trails to the North and West of Notch View Campground, this also includes Bungy, Kelsey Notch, Dixville Peaks, and Baldhead Mountain. The reports we are receiving is that the Higher Elevations are still in great shape.
Other areas will have very limited grooming including Clarksville and Stewartstown Hollow.

Please slow down, there is areas of Ice and you will find other hazards like rocks and water bars.
Hopefully we receive the 8-12 inches of snow that is forecasted for next week, if we do next weekend should be great riding.