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Trail Report – 2/23/2018

What a crazy week with the weather, we got hit hard with Rain and Warm Temps.

As of today we have 2 Groomers going out to see what they can do with higher elevation trails. Not sure if they will be able to do anything or not.

The Plan is for 1 groomer to try Trails 7, 5, 110, and 134.
The other Groomer is going to try going from Diamond Peaks Store to trail 5, 18 to 120, 120 to 21, and 21.

All other areas are not being groomed at this point.
All in town/lower elevations are all ice with no snow, we are asking that everyone please stay off the lower elevation trails and would not recommend anyone try riding in to town (Shrine Trail, 18, Rail Bed). Please use Common Sense while riding, if you get to an area with large water bars or no snow please do not ride. While we have not closed any gates or trails yet we will if needed. I will try to post an update once we get information from our groomer operators.

Expect to find a lot of Hard Packed/Icy conditions on all trails.
Think Snow!!