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Trail Report – 12/20/2017

Great News!!! The trail system is opening Tomorrow (12/21/2017) with 6-15 inches depending on altitude.
Most Gates will be opened tonight. If you find a gate that is still closed, DO NOT GO AROUND IT, with 147 miles of trails and almost as many landowners, it takes time to open everything up.
There will be no grooming yet. We will update everyone when Grooming does start.

BEWARE! these are early season conditions. There are rocks, water bars, open water in a few spots, down trees, and not all signing has been completed.
There are large areas of open water that need time to freeze up. Please use caution.

Ride carefully! Stay on trails, Stay right. Have a good time!
If you have not joined a club yet, waiting to see if it snows this year, JOIN A CLUB WHERE YOU RIDE!

I would like to thank all of our volunteers for the hard work on getting the trails ready for the season, without the help our system would not be ready.

A big Thank You to all Land Owners for allowing our trail system though there property!!