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Attention SkiBee’s Snowmobile Club Members and Guests

Sorry to report this, knowing how many of you are ready to ride after waiting for nine plus months of no snow, the Colebrook Trail System will NOT open tomorrow.

The SkiBee’s still have a list of projects that need to be finished before we can safely open our trail system for riding, along with the general work that is done each year before the season starts.

We are holding 2 work parties this weekend if anyone is available to help – meeting at 8am on Titus Hill/Jackson Road area.

As always, our major goal is to provide the safest and best snowmobiling adventures for you and your families, please be patience and continue to check our Facebook page for the opening of the trail system.

Happy Holidays form the SkiBee’s!

Mark Decareau

Thank you very much to Lemieux Skidoo and Diamond Peaks Store/Motel. We are going to have a hole in one contest!! (On Hole 6) Diamond Peaks is sponsoring the contest and Lemieux's is giving us the prize!!!! A 2016 Blizzard 800 ETec.
This is worth over $13,000!!!! So if you are a talented golfer, or think your very lucky, this is your opportunity to get an awesome new ride!
This hole in one contest is only open to those playing in the tournament! There is still room for 2 more groups of 4
Golf tournament is at the Colebrook Country Club on August 28. To register Call 603 237 5566
There will be a breakfast, many other prizes, and an auction at hole 19 (the clubhouse) after the tournament.

Hello All! The Colebrook Ski-Bees are having their 6th Annual Golf Tournament at the Colebrook Country Club the Sunday of Mouse Festival weekend, 8/28
Breakfast Buffet for entrants starts at 7:00 with tee off at 9:00 For registration and info call the Country Club @ 603 237 5566
This is our major fund raiser of the season! So if you are a golfer/snowmobiler this is a great way to get out with some friends, win a prize or two, and help the club.
If your aren't a golfer and are a Ski-Bee this is an opportunity to help the club when it doesn't interfere with riding. To volunteer your time helping out, or are interested in having your company sponsor part of the event, Call 603 237 5814

The Ski-Bees' thank the outgoing, President, Mike Rodevitz, Board Members, Robert Lynch, Bruce Owens, Membership Secretary, Alison Lynch, Recording Secretary, Diane Herchenroder, and Groomer Coordinator, Ronnie Parker, for their dedication, time, and energy devoted to the club. We welcome the new elected officers for the 2016- 2017 season.
President Mark Decareau
Vice President Dennis Sillon
Treasurer Justin falconer
Secretary Gail Hanson
Trail Adm. Bill Sparklin
Board of Directors
Clay Hinds
Chris Chase
Francis Grondin
Bill Sparklin
Ken Herchenroder

The Ski-Bees' April meeting will be held on Saturday the 16th, at The Colebrook Country Club. Breakfast will be served from 9am to 10 am,for club members, followed by a club meeting, including elections of Officers and Board members. The nominees are:  Board of Directors:  ( 5 ) Francis Grondin, Ken Herchenroder, Clay Hinds.    President: Mike Rodevich    Vice President: Mark Decareau    Treasurer: Justin Falconer   Secretary: ______   Trail Administrator: Bill Sparklin  Trail Master: Chris Chase. Hope to see you there!

March 10, 2016 @  7pm  Monthly Meeting Colebrook Country Club.

It's that time again!  Nominations for officers will be accepted for the upcoming season 2016-2017. Office of President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer and Trail Administrator, are one year terms.  The 5 member Board of Directors serves for a term of three ( 3 ) years, there are anticipated openings this year. The membership shall elect these nominees at the April 14th monthly meeting. See you Thursday March 10th for Nominations !



Wheel ATVs are not allowed on Colebrook Ski-Bees snowmobile trails at any time.
We had a landowner call and witnessed some riding (Fish and Game has been called).
We have also had reports from some other landowners that have witnessed ATV's on our trail system yesterday as well.
Just because there is very little or no snow does not mean it is open for ATVs Usage.

Track ATVs are allowed if the trail is opened, they meet the definition of a Snowmobile, and are registered as a Snowmobile.
From NH Fish and Game Website:
Tracked OHRV Registration Requirements
As of July 1, 2012, in order to operate on state-approved snowmobile trails, an OHRV (wheeled vehicle) that has had the wheels or tires removed and replaced with tracks, cleats or skis, MUST be properly registered in New Hampshire as a snowmobile.
The tracked OHRV must meet the definition of a snowmobile as defined by law.
The OHRV, with the tracks on, cannot exceed 54 inches in width and 1,200 pounds.
Thank You for your support.

Last night, January 30th, the Ski-Bees' held their annual Wild Game Dinner, at the Colebrook Country Club. Clay and Michelle Hinds provided the venue and a buffet dinner. Chef Clay had an assortment of game, which had been donated , and he prepared a variety of  " Wild " dishes to please all. Club volunteers were servers at the buffet table, worked the dining room, and behind the scenes prepping, along with kitchen detail. A Thank You to Ken and Joan Kadaras, winners of the 50/50 raffle, who donated their winnings to the club. Thank you all for your support at this fundraiser for the Colebrook Ski-Bees' Snowmobile Club.





Did you know the largest expense for any snowmobile club is grooming?
Did you also know that the State does not pay 100% of the grooming cost?

New Hampshire Snowmobile Clubs are awarded a Grant to help with grooming cost that is funded by snowmobile registration fees.
This year our club was awarded a grant that pays $49.70 per hour. In total we receive less then 40 hours a week per groomer if we groom from December 15th to April 1st (if we go over on hours for the year the extra cost is 100% on the club). On average it cost the club $69.12 per hour to groom our trail system so for every hour we groom we are loosing almost $20. The $69.12 includes the following cost: employee wages, taxes, insurance, fuel, oils, garage expense, maintenance, and replacement costs.

So where does the other $20 per hour come from? It comes from Club Membership Fees, Donations, and fund raisers.
If you would like to help out our club so we can keep the groomers on the trails here is a few options

1) Join our Club -
2) If you can make a small donation 

3) Register your snowmobile (the amount of money for grants is base on the amount of snowmobiles registered)
4) Volunteer and help out with Club Fund Raisers and Events
5) Attend our Monthly meetings and become an active member in the club.